To provide the youth of Greater Cleveland the opportunity to explore and discover their highest potential through education, recreation and community outreach.

The Team

Gordon Safran

Consultant / Board Member



Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

This program is consisted of Praise, Hip-Hop and Modern Dance. The goal of this program is to improve each child’s physical, social and artistic development. The Dance Team performs throughout the state of Ohio at various venues, which helps in providing each child a unique and educational experience.

This program was created to improve the children's education and development in five general areas: physical development (kinesthetic skills), artistic development (drama and theater skills), mental development (thinking skills), personal development (intra-personal skills), and social development (interpersonal skills).

This program was designed to assist in molding young boys and girls into successful young men and women of the future through recreational and educational activities. The goal is to expose the children to things they wouldn’t normally be exposed to, which would improve their social, personal and educational development.

This program was designed to show the youth a variety of different ways to express their ideas and work as a team to produce written art work that they can share with others. The students will be exposed to poetry, comic strips and short stories. The group's writings will focus on topics that help teach life skills and core values.

Weekly programs are located at the Downtown YMCA from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm every Saturday. For additional info call (216) 543-5330.


There are many ways to support the Vision of Angels Youth Foundation and the children it services.

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